Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

I called it "banjarmasin floating city"

Banjarmasin is the capital city of South Kalimantan and it is one of the biggest cities in Kalimantan Island or sometime it called Borneo Island. February 2011 I went to Banjarmasin, it took an one hour and a half from jakarta by plane, there is an hour a diferent time between jakarta and banjarmasin.

I called Banjarmasin as floating city because a lot of house are built on not in the bank of the river but they absolutly built di permukaan sungai. some delicous sea food ......floating market..klotok

the people use water from the river for kebutuhan sehari-hari such as for cooking, washing their clothes, take a bath, and so on
banjarmasin city of water

The uniquely of this floating market, is caused of transaction of sales that done on the boat. The merchants bring land product such as; fruits, vegetables, food and it handicrafts. This activity takes place from 05.00 to 09.00 mornings. Its location resides in Barito River.

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  1. tahun 2006 saya pernah ke banjarmasin, tp ga sempat liat/ngerasain pasar terapung krn waktu trainingnya mepet banget ;(
    kl ada waktu pengen deh jln2 ke banjar.

  2. iya, kapan-kapan kalau ke banjarmasin disempatkan ke pasar apung mba fitria, seruu naik klotok.hehehe