Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

baby silma

Sine a month ago my brother become a father, my mom and dad become grandparents and I become an aunty. Welcome to the world my niece, baby Silma. The word "silma" take from arabic language. The meaning of "silma" is health. The name Silma was given by my mom. She said that it woudl be a pray for everyone called her "silma". She hope with this name, Allah always given healty for her.

Unless baby Silma was born a month ago, until now I haven't meet her yet.Hahahaha, please for give your aunty silma. Before she was born I had a plan to give her gold earing, but my mom said that better if I gave my brother and sister in law moneyNow, I still want to give baby silma something. Last week I decide to make pretty shoes for her. I did blogwalking and found some pretty shoes for an example like in this page www.sawokecik.blogspot.com .

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